Services for Children

While settling in a new country, the struggles of children are often ignored. Many immigrant children struggle to establish in the new community, redefining their roles within the family as well as their relationship to a new society. In addition to the normal growing pains of youth, the intense challenges faced due to the differences in the cultural background and their lack of fluency in English or their different cultural practices put them in awkward and complicated situations.

When parents to notice their children’s quicker assimilation, they are quick to frown at what they perceive as a rejection of the family’s own ethnic culture. While they struggle to balance two different worlds and move fluidly between them, they crave to connect and be accepted which are an important component of adolescent development. Many researches have highlighted the fact that children who do not connect in some meaningful way with their peers, family, or school are at an increased risk of suicide, substance abuse, school failure and drop-out, health problems, and criminal activity.

Our activities include moral classes for children during Sundays, quarterly talent shows with weekly practice sessions on Saturdays, Leadership and public speaking sessions on every Sunday afternoons.

•      Language Classes(Malayalam)

•       New Mothers Support Group