Services for Youth and International Students

There are clear challenges for international students coming to Canada.

The first of the challenges is the fact that many international students are non-native speakers of English. The second issue is that of the social and cultural adjustments of the students.

Differences in study methods compared to the country of origin present another difficulty for international students. In many countries, students would have a much greater amount of time spent in class with less emphasis on independent study and more focus on developing the information provided by lecturers in their sessions.

International students are initially unwilling to interact with others, experience loss of identity and lack of confidence with sometimes no access to emergency funds, which puts them in a vulnerable position. Students experience as bad as homelessness sometimes from financial problems because of the increased cost of living, and unexpected circumstances arising in their home country. A lot of Indian students take loans from banks or their parents, which they have to pay back. Without being able to work here afterwards, that's not feasible now,"

We provide social activities for students to encourage the social adjustment that students need to make. Students are encouraged to organise programs and activities for the charities giving them confidence and an opportunity to network and socialize.

International students need assistance to overcome difficulties originating from cultural and linguistic differences and enhance their academic performance. We provide a forum where existing students meet and interact with students who successfully completed their school programs and were able achieve employment and become permanent residents in Canada, equipping them with valuables skills and knowledge to explore the prospects offered in Canada.


•       Resume Building Session

•       Career Guidance Camp

•       Preparing for a job interview

•       Career Mentoring Program

•       Leadership and Public Speaking workshops

•       Financial Literacy Class

•       Drama, Dance, Song and Essay Competition for Youth